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      Hi, bonjour!

      What are the differences of old model windscreen(frame) and new model windscreen(frame)? Looks that the old one has rounded corners? Any differences with fitting the frame support etc? Are both versions able to fold? Thank you for the aswers!

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      Sorry for this late comment, but I’am new on this forum.

      If it can help, I have a 1976 Mehari and the windscreen has square angles and an aluminium frame. It’s called new model alu in the MCC catalog. ref 0600110

      My version is able to fold down on the bonnet.

      The old model version has rounded edges and a iron frame. It’s called « Pare-brise fixe fer ancien modèle » in the catalog.  translation : « fix Windscreen iron old model » therefore unable to fold. ref 0600000

      With best regards


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